How much further can the desktop and laptop fall?

By VAR_Staffing
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November 26, 2013

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Desktops and laptops are falling out of favor at the enterprise level, but just how steep will their decline in use be over the next few years?

The high water mark for desktops and laptops, according to IC Insights, may well turn out to be last year, prior to their 8.7 percent drop-off to 315 million in sales this year. This is the most significant decline in PC shipments since 2001, when sales fell by 4.3 percent.

Not surprisingly, it will be tablets that will continue to eat into, and eventually overcome, the market lead currently enjoyed by PCs. After climbing by 73 percent this year to 202 million systems, tablets are expected to reach 415 million units by 2017.

Despite this decline, there’s reason to believe the bottom for PCs may be closer than one might think. Gartner analyst Tracy Tsai told the Wall Street Journal that after a 8.6 percent decline in sales in the third quarter, shipments should only fall by about 3 percent this quarter.

“The decline is at a much slower rate,” she told the Journal. “The global economy is stabilizing. Also, there will be more lower-cost, aggressively priced two-in-one (tablet with a keyboard) devices that are being launched in the second half of this year, which should help demand.”

This transition opens up a wealth of other questions for IT departments. To what extent should employees be permitted to bring personal devices into the workplace? Which new security liabilities are created as enterprises adopt mobile devices and tablets?

These are all questions that should not be left for IT departments to answer on their own. VARs and MSPs that specialize in the nuances of the IT channel can supplement enterprises’ efforts, but they’ll only be effective if they utilize the top talent on the market. VAR Staffing is skilled at identifying and recruiting game-changing, impactful talent.

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