Study: 93 percent of businesses maintain or increase IT security investment

By VAR_Staffing
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November 20, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

When it comes to the IT channel, there are few systems that are more important than cyber security. As a new study found, businesses are shelling out the money to answer these challenges.

A few weeks ago, Ernst & Young released the results of its 16th annual “Global Security Survey 2013.” The report tracks awareness and action by companies when it comes to cyber threats by interviewing more than 1,900 senior executives globally. The biggest takeaway is that businesses need to no longer worry about whether an attack will happen, but when one will happen.

According to the numbers, 93 percent of businesses globally are maintaining or increasing their investment in cyber security. This is important because 83 percent of businesses believe the current information security functions do not fully meet solve the problem.

“Cyber-crime is the greatest threat for organizations’ survival today,” Ken Allan, EY Global Information Security Leader, said in the report. “While budget allocations toward security innovation are inching their way up, enabling organizations to channel more resources toward innovating solutions that can protect them against the great unknown – the future – many information security professionals continue to feel that their budgets are insufficient to address mounting cyber risks.”

IT security is as much about the systems as it is the people behind them that can adapt to evolving threats. Impactful talent is needed to ensure that organizations can answer today’s security challenges. VAR Staffing helps solution providers identify and recruit the quality individuals that are needed for proper IT cyber security.

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