Email archiving helps improve continuity efforts

By Sonian
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November 20, 2013

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Organizations have a significant amount of information they need to manage on a day-to-day basis. These documents are essential not just for maintaining security and ongoing cohesion in business practices. They also serve a vital role in how continuity efforts are engineered.

Email archiving has come to play a significant part in the overall chain of file movement and management. Unlike routine storage or backup and recovery assets, cloud archive options help companies ensure that they are always able to readily and rapidly retrieve all the information they need in order to meet compliance or data management demands.

Regulating cloud storage issues
As more data enters the corporate sphere, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to keep up with the flow of their resources. Big data, mounting analytics, system complexity and other challenges are making cloud storage and email archiving the most appealing options because the flexibility and rapidity of these assets negates the bulk of latency issues regularly associated with email storage retention.

According to Tech Target, a good archive solution can help organizations more easily avoid the continuity issues regularly associated with business systems. Availability outages, information oversight concerns, maintenance costs and compliance requests are among some of the most taxing and time-consuming endeavors entities must manage when trying to uphold email archive and cloud storage continuity. Such challenges are best managed through the use of an archive structure that ensures ongoing availability and ease of use, thereby promoting a streamlined work and document management environment.

Disaster and email control
One of the biggest problems that organizations need to overcome is the potential for threats at any time and in a variety of different capacities. In some instances, organizations may feel that they have taken every precaution necessary, and yet an unseen new danger could potentially derail the entire infrastructure.

ZDNet wrote that this was the case after a major hurricane struck the east coast of the United States. Superstorm Sandy caused a wide array of outage and loss incidents that could have easily been avoided using cloud storage options and email archiving maintenance. The source recommended that businesses should consider shifting at least three-fourths of their documents to cloud storage in order to mitigate these kinds of risks. Cloud migration services and storage outlets could help entities make more use of their enterprise assets while ensuring ongoing continuity.

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