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By Sonian
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November 19, 2013

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Not all email archiving tools are created equal.

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In today’s competitive and rapidly changing environment, it’s critical for companies of all sizes to cost-effectively preserve intellectual property and meet the stringent data regulation requirements. While Office 365 and Exchange Online are powerful data preservation tools, some third-party solutions, including Sonian’s email archiving platform, offer significant advantages over Mircrosoft’s native functionality. 

Why Sonian?

In both regulated and non-regulated industries, Microsoft’s features may fall short of the rigorous demands for capability and availability. Sonian’s email archive was purpose-built to archive email in the cloud, enabling users to easily and cost-effectively archive, index and search emails.

Secure data 

With Sonian, your data is securely stored in multiple locations with 8x replication. Data in transit and at rest is encrypted using AES 256 bit, ensuring your data is secure and supported by multiple clouds. Microsoft’s cloud-based offerings support only Exchange Online and Office 365, using an in-place archive at the individual mailbox level.

Search effectively

Sonian enables users to search the full text of emails and 500 types of attachment files. Broad search methodology enables Boolean, proximity, fuzzy match and wild card searches Results can be easily shared within the organization and with authorized third parties. Microsoft enables search within Office 365, but each mailbox must have an in-place archive, which is a copy of the user’s mailbox. While full text of the message body is searchable, only 50 types of Microsoft file attachments can be searched. In addition, wild card searches have limitations.

Ensure compliance

Sonian offers organizations tamper-proof archiving that captures every message that is sent or received, indexing the data for easy discovery. Both active and inactive mailboxes are held within the archive until purged by the customer. Microsoft’s email archive enables default retention policy tags to be applied at an individual in-place archive and on specific folders with an individual’s mailbox, which risks deletion by individuals. Unused mailboxes, unless placed on legal hold, are deleted by the system with 30 days of deactivation by the system administrator. Microsoft users are also hampered by storage limitations.

With the launch of Office 365 and Exchange Online, Microsoft has entered the email archive market with a strong, but limited offering. Sonian offers a more robust search feature set for businesses interested in cutting costs, maintaining compliance and enabling discovery.

To see all the advantages of Sonian’s email archive for yourself, download the free eBook.

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