Business systems require more cloud control

By Sonian
In Channel
November 8, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The increased proliferation of cloud storage and other kinds of infrastructure are helping corporations increase their reach, lower operating costs and boost flexibility. However, there are a variety of risks involved in this environment for which companies aren’t adequately prepared.

The Journal reported that public and private entities alike rely on cloud storage as one of their primary engines for business innovation and employee collaboration. However, the source pointed out that it’s essential for users to acknowledge risks and complications when relying on this kind of infrastructure. Legal concerns regarding the open nature of business data and corporate assets makes it difficult for companies to rely on the integrity of their digital deployments, as all of these resources reside in a totally open, always-on atmosphere. With conflicting laws from state to state making the process of protection and control more difficult, companies need to constantly be aware of how their cloud control systems are functioning.

Health IT Security added that HIPAA requirements and handling rules are among the most complex and mercurial of the mandates dictating how cloud storage can be structured. The source warned that the responsibility of all entities in a breach or hack has increased, meaning that firms of all kinds could face additional fallout for lack of cloud control.

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