IT channel leads employment demand

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November 7, 2013

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“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

Variations of that phrase have been around since Thomas Reid coined it in 1786, and it has never been more true. Think of the IT channel. The weakest component of a technology infrastructure can be enough to derail an entire company. This is why having impactful and flexible IT professionals is so critical.

According to a Hudson staffing report, the IT industry has the highest intention to hire new employees. The numbers show that 24.1 percent of employers in the IT industry surveyed are planning on increasing their contractor headcount and 36 percent are looking to increase permanent employee numbers. These are the highest mark of any sector.

Mark Steyn, the CEO of Hudson Asia Pacific, spoke about the results of the study and mentioned that an interesting trend is emerging. Business owners are not looking to just add bodies but instead reshape the teams by adding the right professionals.

“Organizations cannot shrink their way to success,” Steyn said. “Individuals who can help transform businesses, lift productivity and open up revenue streams to compete more effectively remain in high demand. So, while employers may not be growing their overall work forces they are looking for the right people to transform their businesses and ensure they are well-positioned.”

Impactful IT talent is in high demand across the board, making it increasingly difficult to find the right ones. VAR Staffing helps IT solution providers recruit and implement the quality professionals who will positively impact your business.

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