Veltec Networks in San Jose Now Offers HIPAA IT Services in the Bay Area

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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November 6, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

HIPAA IT Consultant San JoseThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has undergone multiple changes since it was enacted in 1996. While most healthcare professionals and practice administrators are aware of the various aspects of HIPAA, many business associates (BA) fail to understand the importance of proper policies and procedures for complying with HIPAA.

As a HIPAA Compliant IT provider in San Jose, Veltec Networks acts as a business associate for the healthcare organizations we serve. Healthcare providers are often investigated by the HHS for breaches in patients’ privacy rights. When an organization fails to comply with HIPAA, The HHS delivers severe financial penalties into the tens of thousands.

As part of our effort to ensure our clients, as well as our own company, doesn’t receive a fine resulting from a security breach; Duleep Pillai, President of Veltec Networks, has undergone extensive online training, obtaining a certificate in HIPAA training.

During the HIPAA training, Duleep discovered a whole new perspective about HIPAA, and what must be done from a BA perspective. Veltec Networks understands the importance of HIPAA compliance for MSPs serving medical firms.

As an MSP, we’ve taken the initiative to rebuild our policy and procedures guideline. Our new policy and procedures guideline will focus primarily on the legal complexities of HIPAA, as well as preventing any form of data theft and loss.

If you’d like to learn more about HIPAA training, or complete the online training program at your own convenience, visit

For a HIPAA Compliant IT provider you can trust to ensure complete HIPAA compliance and maximum security within your healthcare organization, give us a call at 1-(408) 849-4441.

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