Microsoft launches IT training program for military personnel

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November 6, 2013

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If there is one thing that readers of this blog are well aware of, it that’s the IT skills gap is real and having a major effect on the business world. There have been countless ideas as to how to fix this problem and one that has gained more steam in recent months has been an influx of military veterans into the IT channel after their tours of duty has ended.

According to a report from the Redmond Reporter, Microsoft announced this week that it is launching a new program to provide software training and testing to U.S. active duty service members transitioning out of the military.

Microsoft Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith released a statement that said American service members possess the drive, self-discipline and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in the technology industry.

This new program was inspired with the “VOW to Hire Heroes Act,” which was signed into law in 2011. Sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray, it allows service members to begin employment before separation from the military.

“Providing on-the-job training for transitioning service members into high-tech jobs is exactly what our legislation was written to accomplish,” said Sen. Murray. “Our veterans have the talent and training to succeed in any workplace, and the technology industry is a particularly great fit. This new program demonstrates that more employers see the value of what veterans offer, especially in jobs that require hard work and collaboration.”

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