“In a Nutshell” Success in Sales Isn’t Difficult If You Just Focus on The Process

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
November 6, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP Sales SuccessThere’s an old saying in the world of sales: “Get me in front of the right guy, and I can close the deal—even a trained monkey can do this if given the right process.” In other words, the sale goes to the person who gets in front of the decision maker and uses the proper sales techniques.

Ulistic agrees. So we developed an easy-to-follow, 17-Step Sales Process that will help you do this.  You can get the process for free if you download the eBook we offer to MSPs at http://www.ulistic.com/msp-sales-success.

However, many IT MSPs continue to struggle with the basics of sales.  I should know, I was a tech who converted to the land of sales.  But sadly, I continue to watch those in my industry fail to make sales, or even position their business as a viable choice for their prospects. Why is this?

Here’s what I’ve learned —“in a nutshell.”

Specifics can be found in Ulistic’s 17-Step Sales Process.

Do you wonder why you can’t close opportunities or get new ones?  It starts with you looking in the mirror. It’s not the economy, or the MSP down the street selling managed services at some reduced rate.  The secret?  It’s your inability to listen to your prospect’s needs, and align your “what you do” with the prospect’s “wants.”

I’ve learned over the years from watching savvy sales professionals “hit homeruns” with every prospect they encounter, and others who continue to “strike out” like Reggie Jackson in the 70’s.

The ones who “strike out” tend to over analyze an opportunity.  They try to think ahead of what the prospect actually wants, because they think they know best.  A true sales professional will ask questions and continue to dig for additional information.

Using the right information and applying the proper sales process will help you determine what your prospect is really looking for, and convince them that you’re the best choice to provide it.

Unfortunately, what typically happens is that the average MSP sales person, goes into an opportunity armed with vendor-produced “crap,” a list of all their services, and tries to impress a prospect with their technical genius.  This is the wrong approach. What impresses a prospect is your ability to listen and understand what bothers them the most, not your technical knowledge.

My friend Frank Allen continues to educate me about “Success in Sales.”  (Frank is the most successful sales professional I’ve ever met.) He explains that, “A client or prospect doesn’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care.”  Great words to live by, because they’re true.

Let me repeat—Success in sales isn’t difficult if you just focus on the process:

  • Start by shutting your mouth and opening your ears.
  • Follow a simple, yet well thought out sales process, and
  • Show your prospect how much you care about their needs.

Can you do these things? Surely you can. I guarantee you will have success with your MSP sales if you do.  If you elect to continue doing things the old way, you will continue to have the same dreadful results.

Do yourself a favor, download the Ulistic 17-Step Sales Process eBook today and start executing.  Your success in sales is guaranteed if you just follow this simple process!

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