Cloud storage hits new heights for size, complexity requirements

By Sonian
In Channel
November 6, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

As the landscape of business data continues to grow and expand, so too do the needs of organizations increase in terms of big data cloud storage capacities. With document management needed now more than ever before, corporations are struggling to keep their file sizes in check while still maintaining compliant, thorough systems.

The Register reported that companies are making more use of solid state assets, virtualization and other mixed media environments to ensure that they have the right tools to manage all of their information. The last five years have shown significant increases in the amount of data these entities need to manage, creating concerns for how businesses will be able to respond in the future as their cloud storage contracts limit them or their governance options fail to address the specific problems imposed by mounting daily deliver loads.

TechRepublic stated that it is therefore becoming increasingly common for organizations to offload their data to third-party providers. These offsite silos help companies ensure that their cloud storage is being managed adequately in a number of different remote facilities, thereby helping to protect the overall integrity of these assets without endangering their usability due to excessive file retention needs.

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