Laptop theft shows benefits of cloud storage

By Sonian
In Channel
November 5, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There are ongoing issues when organizations failing to safeguard their assets. In these instances, it’s essential that companies have the right cloud storage assets in place to mitigate theft and other risks, or else information could be stolen and irrevocably lost.

This is a concern currently for AHMC Healthcare in California, as the Los Angeles Times reported. The source indicated that two laptops were stolen from the company’s home office earlier in October, but the devices were not encrypted. Included on these two machines were files on more than 725,000 patients. Such a substantial breach of names, addresses, medical and billing information could be within the top 10 information losses in American history, the source indicated.

The lack of cloud storage backup for these impacted patients could further complicate disaster recovery. A similar issue is just wrapping up in the United Kingdom, Law360 commented. The source stated that an identical unencrypted laptop theft may have endangered nearly 1,000 Panasonic patrons. The firm agreed to update all of its security and management protocols to meet cloud storage best standards and Data Protection Act guidelines, thereby avoiding a substantial amount of penalties and fines.

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