Cloud storage needs more security training

By Sonian
In Channel
November 4, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Companies need to keep their information safe and secure from outside eyes. While many organizations take steps to ensure hackers can’t access their systems, they may overlook the risks cloud storage faces in association with internal users.

A study by SpectorSoft showed that about one-fourth of all organizations have suffered an internal leak due to intentional misuse by personnel. Whether it’s launching a private cloud deployment, saving files to a mobile device or emailing sensitive files to a third party, there are plenty of ways that employees intentionally and accidentally put business records and clients at risk.

A Forrester research project added that the numbers on data breaches in cloud storage may be even more dire than SpectorSoft indicated. Computerworld wrote that Forrester’s findings pointed to more than one-third of all organizations suffered a loss in this way, with over half of respondents stating they weren’t even aware of what corporate safety practices for data were in place. In order to reduce the presence of breach instances and increase reliability, companies need to invest in more cloud monitoring and control options that are easy for personnel to access. By increasing transparency and availability, the chance of a cloud storage problem is reduced.

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