Email archive in cloud storage requires more attention

By Sonian
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October 31, 2013

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Businesses have a massive amount of email archiving to accomplish in cloud storage environments in order to establish and maintain continuity. In some cases, corporations are required to retain these records for years at a time, making a long term management and silo solution vital for ensuring the ongoing curation of these documents. Email records are now a major source of big data and security fears for companies of all kinds, but getting over these concerns is vital if organizations want to ensure the ongoing health of their operations.

As eCommerce Times reported, government bodies are taking a much harder line these days regarding the enforcement and other particular surrounding cloud email archiving and other management styles for these important documents. Even federal agencies like the National Archives and Records Administration is investing in saving important emails sent out by legislators since the time when email became a primary mode of communication for elected officials at all levels.

Creating automated management and transmission of emails from a server to an archive cloud storage solution will help ensure that these records remain thorough and traceable for years to come. Rather than worrying about whether a file has been successfully transmitted, it is far easier for organizations to set up solutions that handle movement of essential files on a regular basis, thereby removing human error and making certain that documents are always actively under curation. Meeting NARA guidelines may seem like a steep goal for some private businesses, but it’s more than attainable when firms ascribe to enterprise-level solutions that help promote cloud storage thoroughness.

Taking care of business
FT Magazine added that email archive and storage options should not be seen as an obstacle but rather a stepping stone to the next level of corporate continuity. These files must be totally owned and guidelines enforced by the companies that hold them. If they fail to exert the right amount of cloud control over their assets, they could encounter a situation where their solutions don’t exactly meet government guidelines for meaningful use.

What’s more, the source stated that it’s best for companies to make use of automated email archiving options that allow them to go about their daily activities without having to interrupt the flow of their everyday lives. The best way to achieve this is through automated email cloud storage and archive solutions that make it easy for them to take care of themselves, allowing personnel to maintain regular activities without the organization losing continuity protection.

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