Cloud email archiving helps keep people honest

By Sonian
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October 31, 2013

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The need for cloud email archiving tools is growing as the need for transparency in different sectors continues to climb. These resources ensure that records are maintained for the necessary amount of time before they should be destroyed, thereby enforcing thorough continuity and the ability to retrace business actions for years at a time. Such measures help hold corporations and public entities accountable for their actions, thereby making these cloud email archiving tools vital assets for every firm.

The problem that many run into, however, is that professionals throughout the organization aren’t all on the same page as to how their email archive and cloud utilities work. In other cases, there may even be intentional misuse of business systems in order to hide improper activity. Combating these kinds of issues requires that entities ascribe to government archive guidelines, thereby creating both internal peace of mind and external transparency.

Adhering to policy
This is especially critical for government organizations. As agencies are directly responsible for reporting to the general public, it’s mandatory that these entities have the right information management tools in place to properly uphold data compliance. With emails as the main means of interaction among state and federal outlets and the reliance on cloud enabled email archival tools more present than ever, it’s particularly important that these outlets have access to digital infrastructure that supports accurate, rapid management of these files.

As Federal Way Mirror wrote, the need for transparency in legislative transactions is especially important for maintaining public communication. The source stated that concerns that government email archive and maintenance solutions may not be properly handling individual solicitations from citizens, instead shuffling these missives to spam and trash folders without ever getting opened. Avoiding such issues requires advanced cloud storage and email management assets that ensure these kinds of actions are not taking place.

Illuminating email archives
Tallahassee Online added that government email archive and file control assets are helping pieces of important history to be restored to their original states. As no file is ever truly destroyed on a server just by hitting the delete key, so too are there always methods of retrieving these records in the event of an eDiscovery or internal audit.

The source pointed to a recent archival delve in Florida that helped unearth a vast array of old photographs and correspondence from previous eras of legislation and public works. These images were added to the State Archives of Florida, thereby helping preserve public record and the entire history of that territory more accurately to how it actually occurred.

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