Government shutdown shows how IT security is a daily challenge

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October 25, 2013

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There is a popular saying that goes “crime doesn’t take a vacation.”

While it may be best known as a pop culture line, there is a lot of truth behind the phrase. Often crimes are a matter of opportunity and if your business is has closed operations for whatever reason, it becomes more vulnerable. This is especially true for the IT channel, where the threat of attack is constant. 

A column from IT security expert Julian Waits examined this topic through the lens of the recently ended government shutdown. Waits pointed out that one of the departments that suffered a massive loss of talent during this time was the IT sector. With many workers and civilian contractors being kept out, the remaining staff was stretched incredibly thin and forced to prioritize business critical systems, putting security was put on the back burner.

“Our federal government may have shut down, but the bad actors that target us have not,” Waits wrote. “For them, the reduction in IT staffing, even temporarily, is a rare opportunity to probe for unmonitored weak spots, and possibly penetrate our systems. The longer the shutdown lasted, the more opportunity they would have.”

One NASA cyber security specialist who is quoted in the piece said he would spend every day combating new threats and ensuring no one was able to poke holes in the agency’s defenses. During the shutdown, he and his team just sat at home.

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