One year since Hurricane Sandy, disaster recovery plans still front and center

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October 24, 2013

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Last year at this time, many on the East Coast were watching weather reports as news of a tropical storm that was gaining strength in the Atlantic Ocean started to become commonplace. This was the beginning of Hurricane Sandy, which would make landfall in New Jersey a few days later on October 29 and cause devastation to a large portion of the Northeastern United States.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, the storm caused $65 billion worth of damage. In New York and New Jersey, streets, tunnels and subways were flooded, cutting power to large areas. It was a major disruption to everyday life and some are still trying to pick up the pieces.

For many businesses, it was a reminder of the importance of having the right kind of disaster recovery plan in place. With services like cloud computing making headway in the IT channel, having secure information and being able to have employees work remotely is easier than ever. This allows the bounceback time for storms to be reduced. 

A recent article from Emergency Management Magazine, looked at some of the lessons that were learned from the Sandy aftermath. One of the most import is the need for flexible employees who are able to wear multiple hats at a moment’s notice.

“Regardless of a disaster’s impact on your business, if an employee’s family is displaced or affected by a crisis, they will respond to their family first and their employer second,” the article reads. “Be sure you can continue operations if key personnel are unavailable due to family emergencies.”

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