Increased reliance on cloud control a central corporate theme

By Sonian
In Channel
October 24, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud storage assets. Everything from regular communication to general information management takes place in the cloud, making it essential for organizations to produce better protection and continuity safeguards to ensure ongoing operations.

According to CloudTweaks, the majority of what people consider everyday business is now taken care of in cloud storage. The source stated that the presence of multimedia resources that travel over great distances and are kept for long spans of time require the cloud to function effectively in the corporate environment. At the same time, presenting data in this manner can make it harder to sustain backup recovery protocols and protect archive assets.

Baseline Magazine wrote that cloud archive tools are also assisting companies in ensuring their disaster plans are always the most superior. The source added that cloud storage allows firms to create unlimited resources, remove information to a remote site automatically and facilitate easier retrieval if physical infrastructure is damaged. Taking advantage of all of these benefits is best achieved through cloud storage and NAS options.

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