Exerting more cloud control takes transparency

By Sonian
In Channel
October 22, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Businesses are conscious of the fact that cloud storage is not a panacea for organizational or security measures. Cloud control is an essential part of a firm’s success, ensuring that files are always available and protected. The lack of oversight in these areas could be what’s causing companies to continue to struggle with their cloud options.

One of the major stumbling blocks organizations are encountering is the launch into mobile environments. Tech Republic wrote that a Gartner study showed roughly 60 percent of personnel will switch over to smartphones and tablets as primary work tools by 2015. This kind of landscape is ideal for sharing information and increasing remote work opportunities, but not all digital environments are prepared to handle the mobile realm of security and compliance concerns. Boosting cloud control initiatives needs to become more of a priority so that firms are ready for the switch to new hardware.

As CIO Online reported, the Cloud Security Alliance is already working on establishing better safety and security guidelines for enhancing cloud control standards. The source indicated that CSA’s new STAR Certification is a technology-neutral program that focuses on increasing awareness of cloud vendor security offerings and creating more corporate interest in protecting business assets in cloud storage environments.

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