Creating better cloud storage options for big data

By Sonian
In Channel
October 22, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

As time passes, organizations are responsible for larger data caches all the time. The inundation of files, increasing software sizes and platforms that must expand to meet modern multichannel demands is making cloud storage an increasing priority for firms that need to have flexibility and power at the same time.

According to PCWorld, corporations are finally starting to show more fluidity in deploying cloud storage and similar pieces of digital infrastructure. As these processes become easier, firms are finding lower costs and better functionality from these services. Part of this process requires that organizations take a more modular approach, slowly ramping up their reliance on the cloud as they migrate more projects and data storage from physical to digital infrastructure.

This movement methodology is lending itself to greater reliance on hybrid cloud storage solutions. As a study by MarketsandMarkets recently projected, the future of mixed environments in the data warehouse is expected to keep showing more investments. By 2018, the value of hybrid resources will likely exceed $46 billion, a study of private and public deployments forecast. That means that reliance on cloud storage will continue to grow steadily over time, with more growth likely as companies keep moving more data to the cloud.

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