Time Management

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
October 21, 2013

Loree Selbst / Stuart Selbst

Time-ManagementTime management – people have been talking about it for years.  Some have made a living teaching it to others.  There are many ways to approach it but most of them leave you feeling more stressed than you were before.  Here are some simple suggestions that will help you use your time more effectively.

1. Get a head start

Worrying about time management can lead to falling even farther behind.  But, if you can find a few minutes each day (30-60 ideally) where you have no interruptions you can lessen these worries.  This time can be used to focus on those tasks you need to do but routinely push to the side throughout your day.

2. Forget the overly ambitions “To-Do” list

As they say, the best laid plans always go awry.  Break your list down to very specific and well defined action items.  That way when something urgent presents itself you will have some room in your day for it.

3. Expect the unexpected

You know it’s going to happen.  Whether it’s an employee who has called in sick or a personal emergency of your own, life happens, so let it.  Just be careful not to sidetrack yourself unnecessarily.  Set aside specific times of day for certain tasks like reading and answering emails.  Tools like email and calendars should help you and not cause you more work just to maintain them.  Besides, most people don’t require an immediate response to an email.  If they need you urgently, they’ll call.

4. Give yourself a break

Your co-workers may be in awe of you and they may call you, “the machine”, but you are only human.  Working non-stop without taking any breaks or a lunch is counterproductive and will lead to costly mistakes as well as burn out.  Think of it as a responsibility you have in order to stay refreshed and keep doing your best all day long.

No one method works for everyone, but try them out and see what works for you.  By making small changes in your routine you can expect big improvements when it comes to managing your time.

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