Gaining more cloud control through targeted implementation

By Sonian
In Channel
October 21, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There’s still much for IT professionals to learn about cloud control. While this digital infrastructure is incredibly useful for cutting costs, boosting collaboration and improving oversight, it’s still a dangerous environment for entities that aren’t aware of what threats they need to look out for.

As eWeek stated, it’s still the main job of IT personnel to handle cloud control and overall storage procedures. Not all of these employees know best practices or understand emerging technologies, but more pressing than these matters is the emergence of a connected architecture that offers unlimited access to the Internet of Things. While this is liberating for business processes, it’s also therefore essential that companies establish strong and meaningful cloud control to ensure that their sensitive assets aren’t part of what’s widely available to the general cloud-surfing public.

According to NetworkWorld, it’s therefore best for corporations to keep their network keys and encryption codes in a separate storage vault from the rest of the system. This security database should also be kept offline or in a highly protected, removed cloud resource. Using third party hosts and outside vendors for monitoring keys makes the process more risky and complicated, so maintaining ownership should be a priority.

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