Cyber security an issue for all employees

By VAR_Staffing
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October 18, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Everyone in the IT channel is aware of the importance of cyber security. However, knowing that and adhering to the protocols and practices needed to ensure a company network is safe seem to be a different matter.

An overabundance of rules and regulations can be a troubling thing for employees who see them as a roadblock to success, even if they are critical to keeping a company’s data safe. That is the takeaway from a new MeriTalk report that interviewed federal cyber security professionals.

“More security rules, more security tasks and more security delays have done little to drive more user buy-in for cyber security,” Tom Ruff, vice president of Akamai’s public sector division, said in a statement. “Without question, federal cyber security pros have a tough job, but they must start working with end users as partners instead of adversaries. It is a team game, and better support for users will deliver better results for security.”

According to the study of 200 government IT professionals, 74 percent said they are unprepared for an attack and just as many believe they are not ready to secure mobile devices. Additionally, 70 percent are ill-prepared for a safe cloud environment. To make matters worse, 50 percent said they expect to be the target of an attack in the coming year.

It seems clear that all organizations need to work on their cyber security protocols and ensure all employees understand the importance of keeping up. Quality IT talent that can handle the complex security needs as well as communicate with the entire business are hard to find. VAR Staffing has the experience to recruit the impactful professionals solution providers need.

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