Cloud storage needs better safeguards regarding data breach

By Sonian
In Channel
October 17, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Information is one of the most valuable assets that organizations can own. These assets are similarly desirable to hackers and susceptible to insider threats due to their extreme worth and potential for exploitation. As more firms move toward cloud computing, so too do these resources become more at-risk.

According to the Beloit Daily News, there are plenty of opportunities for organizations to increase their information security, but there are many more ways for hackers to break into these systems. The source indicated that personal information like Social Security numbers, names and dates of birth make cloud storage assets very appealing to those trying to steal business secrets. One of the greatest targets are children, the source stated. These individuals are often not detected in credit check searches or notice that their information is being exploited until years after the damage is done.

The movement into cloud storage landscapes has accelerated due to electronic health records management guidelines, Good Morning America stated. The source wrote that the likelihood of a data breach is higher now that businesses in the healthcare field are migrating to digital landscapes, as these assets are less often encrypted or properly protected but contain a deep wealth of information.

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