Microsoft Considers CITOC As Their Go-To Partner To Explain Their Products and Services to Customers in Houston.

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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October 16, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Houston MicrosoftHouston, TX (Oct. 15, 2013) — BJ Farmer, has been President and CEO of CITOC since 1995, so as you can imagine he has a wealth of IT knowledge.  And as a Microsoft Partner, CITOC has a wealth of knowledge about Microsoft Products and Services.

Recently, Microsoft asked BJ to be the main external presenter to all central region IT providers at the last monthly meeting. Microsoft considers CITOC as experts in all of their products, including cloud solutions, virtualization and datacenter hosting with Windows Server 2012.

BJ updated the attendees at a recent meeting from Houston regarding the latest and greatest Microsoft currently has to offer, and how it affects their IT businesses and clients.  Some of the areas he covered included how:

  • Microsoft’s Server 2012 Data Center edition is set to increase by 28 percent in November 2013.
  • The Server 2012 Data Center edition is by far the most popular server operating system sold by Microsoft.
  • IT providers can use this news to help their customers see how Microsoft’s products can enable them to meet their objectives urgently – before the price November increase.
  • CITOC helps clients overcome expense concerns and provide cost-effective solutions and opportunities that help them excel in their marketplace.

According to BJ, “ They loved the information we provided, and they’ve now written to me to do more.  As a result, CITOC is now being sent as a Microsoft representative to other events in the Houston area.  Our next one is to healthcare providers early next month. The team at CITOC is proud to say that Microsoft now relies on us as their ‘go-to’ partner for communications about the value their products and services provide.”

For more information:

If you’re a small-business owner in Houston and want IT support and service from an award-winning IT Managed Service Provider and Award-Winning Microsoft Partner, call CITOC today and schedule a no-obligation consultation. Call 713.490.5000 or visit to learn more.

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