SMB IT decision making is a complicated process

By VAR_Staffing
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October 15, 2013

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For many in the IT channel, the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market has become a gold mine of opportunity. Technology solutions are helping companies of all sizes handle daily operations and the SMB arena is flocking to the latest gadgets and services because they offer a competitive edge and a cheaper way of doing business.

However, many small businesses lack the internal IT knowledge to even know what kinds of solutions they should be focused on. This is where the role of a single, technology minded employee can make all the difference.

A recent study by IT community SpiceWorks examined who are the real decision-makers when it comes to technology in SMBs. The report states that 7 million IT decision makers are in the small business realm and they preside over $800 billion spent yearly on IT solutions.

So who is making the call? According to the study, a small number of IT professionals who have the knowledge needed to make a smart investment, in many cases, it is not the CIO.

“I think what so many vendors fail to realize is that while I, as an IT professional, am not the decision maker, I have two very important roles: decision influencer and gatekeeper,”  an IT professional credited as Justin D. said in the report. “If a vendor doesn’t convince me, they don’t make it to the decision maker…and [I] can make or break most IT decisions.”

Many small businesses rely on VARs and MSPs to answer their IT challenges. VAR staffing provides the impactful talent that these solution providers need to make the best IT investments.

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