Improving cloud monitoring takes better IT assets

By Sonian
In Channel
October 15, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Organizations are looking for superior ways to protect and manage their assets. Cloud monitoring allows businesses to place their information in a digital infrastructure and still maintain thorough control over their resources.

Creating better strategies for controlling cloud storage assets needs to be a priority for firms that want to ensure the ongoing governance of corporate assets. CloudTweaks wrote that a study by Zenoss showed companies spend more time trying to solve problems and wasting energy while trying to resolve downtime. Part of the issue is that organizations have a mixed approach to how they control their clouds, with over half implementing at least five different tools for this purpose, but 14 percent are using well over 20 solutions for this purpose.

Wired added that cloud storage and other environments are always evolving, with the future of this infrastructure potentially forming a totally interconnected infrastructure. With such an integrated approach to business systems, it could be that companies are in the process of moving toward a reality where their cloud monitoring extends to every part of corporate operations. The expanding realm of network providers will help increase the diversity and expanse of these solutions.

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