Handling data breaches requires more cloud monitoring and control

By Sonian
In Channel
October 14, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There are an increasing number of threats facing corporations, not the least of which is the risk of a data breach. Insider issues and third-party problems can cost companies thousands of dollars in loss and fines, as well as reputation crises and reduced revenue. Anticipating key concerns helps mitigate eventual loss.

Increasing cloud monitoring and control is ideal options for helping keep business solutions on track. As a recent attack on credit reporting agency Experian showed, there are commonalities among even major corporations that leave them prone to attack. In that firm’s case, unified data storage with minimal oversight and management left the entire infrastructure susceptible to a breach. Once a third party was within business storage, such a layout makes all documents open to loss. On top of that, with nobody in direct command of Experian’s services, it meant the attack took longer to detect.

InformationWeek stated that such occurrences, though negative at the onset, should be viewed as learning opportunities. Expanding cloud control following a breach and tracing hacks back to their source allows firms to prepare themselves for future occurrences, strengthening their entire infrastructure. This proactive approach helps businesses mitigate the impact of a breach of cloud storage in the long run.

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