How to find the right impactful IT talent

By VAR_Staffing
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October 11, 2013

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Organizations across multiple industries have been looking into the IT channel for quality technology professionals to fill roles that the latest innovations are creating. As more companies start looking to roll out systems like the cloud or bolster IT security protocols, finding the right talent is increasingly difficult to do.

Search CIO recently covered the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s panel discussion on how technology startups find impactful talent with limited resources. According to Scott Ward, senior vice president of Software-as-a-Service company Nanigans Inc., organizations need to be proactive in their search and not wait until the last minute to fill a gap.

“Hiring out of desperation is almost always a recipe for disaster. Making a bad hire is much more painful and difficult to deal with,” Ward said. “There’s the cost of dealing with the individual and letting them go, it can have a negative impact on your team, and you water down the overall talent on your team.”

Larry McSheffery, the director of talent and engagement for fitness application RunKeeper, said during the discussion that he is constantly trying to recruit top talent. He estimates that 99 percent of the people he talks about opportunities with are not looking for work. The panel also covered finding talent early through internships, ensuring a candidate is the right fit and making sure the core team remains influential.

This can be difficult for smaller organizations to figure out, which is why many lean on VARs and MSPs to answer technology challenges. VAR Staffing helps solution providers acquire the impactful talent needed to face the future of IT.

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