Cloud storage promotes better continuity

By Sonian
In Channel
October 11, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Using a cloud storage infrastructure helps organizations increase the visibility of their business solutions. These tools make it easy for entities to view and track how their resources are moving and being maintained, making it much easier to promote better overall security standards.

This is among one of the top reasons why more corporations are migrating to cloud storage resources, according to Midsize Insider. The source pointed to a study by TwinStrata that showed more than three-fourths of enterprises are moving to cloud storage or already use this technology. While most firms are using only 10 TB of space or less at a time, one in every 10 companies currently relies on these assets to promote backup and disaster recovery operations.

Computerworld’s John Martin wrote that organizations are increasingly basing their continuity planning and cloud storage deployments on IBM mainframe designs, thereby promoting tried and true techniques for long-term information management. Companies that follow this trend should look into object based storage systems and pools of files, as opposed to outdated methods of retention and archiving. These assets make continuity maintenance and recovery requests much more fluid and responsive.

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