Is it time for IT to improve its reputation?

By VAR_Staffing
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October 10, 2013

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For many business people, there is still a feeling that the IT department is the bad guy in a company. They prevent employees from using certain devices and visiting certain websites, and they act as the gatekeepers of information. This has harmed IT’s reputation among some workers, however, the role of the IT channel has evolved in recent years and now supports critical business operations—so why hasn’t the reputation of the IT channel evolved as well?

A recent InformationWeek article asked that question.

William Murphy, the CTO of investment firm Blackstone, was interviewed in the piece and described IT departments as adequate at best because they are a company necessity. Too often the department is considered defensive, late, overpriced, uninformed and unhelpful.

“Worst case, we’re categorized as people who say ‘No’ first and ask questions later,” Murphy said. “If Coca-Cola had a brand that was the equivalent of IT today, they would just kill it and start again.”

Murphy went on to say that IT departments need to start considering a reputation facelift. This is important because high-tech solutions are key to the success of many organizations. IT departments can better their reputations by becoming innovators instead of order takers, show more transparency, welcome feedback and have an iterative release model.

Another thing that IT departments can do is to bring in impactful talent that can better answer current tech challenges and is flexible enough to interact with the business side of a company. VAR Staffing has experience finding and placing the dynamic technology professionals that can help start the reputation shift.

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