Promoting better data ownership through cloud storage resources

By Sonian
In Channel
October 9, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The threat of a loss, theft or breach is always hovering over corporations of all kinds. Whether it’s a lost password, weak firewalls or the presence of unencrypted files, companies are always at risk, sometimes without ever knowing it. There are better ways to store and protect files, though, so that data breach is less likely to occur.

As Government Health IT wrote, one recent leak of almost 600 unencrypted patient files took place after a laptop was stolen from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Not only are these individuals’ sensitive documents at risk, there’s no way for the firm to recover these records without cloud storage copies. Cloud storage tools make it easy to always maintain a document for backup and recovery purposes, no matter what should happen to the original record.

This also facilitates ongoing cloud monitoring and control, two facets of data management that could have been very useful to residents of Rock County, Minn. Law360 reported that a state employee was responsible for stealing personal information on 2,400 residents during her time as a child support officer. In this case, though physical hardware was not taken, the same kinds of files were able to be tracked down and documented thanks to cloud-enabled state infrastructure. This could help mitigate breach fallout.

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