Cloud storage eDiscovery reliance needs to be enhanced

By Sonian
In Channel
October 7, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The trouble with cloud storage deployments is that organizations tend to lack the right level of tracking and monitoring capabilities to ensure that they are constantly maintaining compliance. These entities may need to increase their eDiscovery techniques, so suggest, in order to protect their corporate assets and promote better transparency.

The rise in mobile deployments and bring-your-own-device initiatives is only adding to these concerns, Pando Daily added. The source stated that, while the use of these kinds of resources is on the rise, there is little associated tracking and management of the files created, viewed or stored on them. This can cause significant eDiscovery and compliance issues in the event of a loss or theft, especially as mobile devices are prone to becoming targets for different kinds of thieves.

While unencrypted information could be a major issue for the company whose data resides on those devices, a common criminal may only be interested in the device’s value. Though this poses no less a threat to corporate continuity, it’s possible that no breach issues will result from the loss of data. Regardless, Centerbeam stressed that businesses need to conduct ongoing tests of their backups and eDiscovery compliance strategies, especially in the presence of BYOD and corporate mobile initiatives.

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