Cloud storage popularity continues to grow

By Sonian
In Channel
October 3, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The presence of cloud storage as part of enterprise level operations is expanding. These assets are widely recognized as key motivators behind collaboration and cot reduction, helping more firms establish reasons to adopt this technology.

According to Fierce Enterprise Communications, a recent Verizon report showed that cloud storage initiatives in corporate operations grew by 90 percent over the last year. Much of these resources are being used as business intelligence and analytics engines, gathering real-time insights and using data to find deeper trends and strong indications about future activity. The instances of digital BI now outrank on-site operations of this sort by two-to-one, the source added.

A key factor in determining how to put cloud storage to work still requires that IT professionals come up with sound business logic as to why these deployments are so essential. ABC Online wrote that this task is becoming increasingly easier all the time, as companies can find resources that boost their operations and benefit their bottom lines just by shopping around among different cloud vendors. The ability to plan ahead and fully utilize BI utilities is yet another impetus for more businesses to keep up their migration, as strategizing remains a consistent weakness that firms move to cloud storage to fix.

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