Using cloud monitoring to stop potential threats

By Sonian
In Channel
October 2, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The risk of data loss is a common issue among businesses of all kinds. These threats require that organizations to remain on the lookout for ways to improve their security and enhance management options, such as implementing cloud monitoring practices. Such assets help keep tabs on infrastructure and can offer rapid alerts to system problems.

As Supply Management stated, the increasing presence of cloud storage in various parts of corporate architecture is boosting the likelihood of a breach. The source indicated that each step in the supply chain is susceptible to attacks, and the more switches and transfers data has to go through, the greater the chance that something will slip through the cracks. In light of those concerns, companies are seeing steeper reporting guidelines and larger fines for issues. They also are facing more significant public fallout as more consumers get notified that their business partners have failed to protect them.

Companies need to be proactive about their storage solutions and understand what to watch for with cloud monitoring to prevent these issues from taking place. Tech Target added that firms should consider breaches in two parts. The first pertains to anticipating threats, and the second requires thinking about how to respond once an attack takes place.

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