IT skills gap related to more than just ‘hard skills’

By VAR_Staffing
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October 2, 2013

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This blog has covered the growing skills gap that the IT channel is currently facing. While most of the focus has been on a lack of “hard,” technical skills, there may be a bigger problem when it comes to the “soft skills” that are now needed as IT plays a larger role in critical business areas.

A recent article from Business News Daily covered a study that found that nearly 45 percent of senior executives in the United States believe that soft skills like collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking are where the real gap is. By comparison, only 22 percent pointed the finger at a lack of technical skills.

Janette Marx, an executive behind the survey, was interviewed in the piece and spoke about how the skills gap has changed.

“It’s interesting to see how the definition of the skills gap has evolved from being so heavily focused on technical and computer skills to ‘soft’ skills related to communication and creativity,” said Marx. “Educational institutions may overlook these elements in today’s digital age, but schools must integrate both hard and soft skill sets into their curriculums, which in turn will help better prepare candidates and strengthen our country’s workforce.”

The IT department has undergone some major role changes over the last few years. Companies are looking for more from their IT professionals than just the ability to fix a computer and manage a network. Finding truly impactful talent is increasingly difficult. VAR Staffing offers these professionals to companies in the IT channel.

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