Study finds cloud storage on the up-swing

By Sonian
In Channel
October 1, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Businesses of all kinds can find utility in cloud storage deployments. These resources make it easy for entities to create, share and manage information from any location at any time. Such flexibility has made cloud control simple to execute and desirable to a growing number of firms. At the same time, these resources also help organizations boost security and mitigate losses.

According to eWeek, a recent study of cloud utilization found that 60 percent of organizations are already invested in storage assets in this environment. Furthermore, about one-fourth of firms without cloud storage indicated they would acquire these resources in the future. These results show that more entities than ever are investing in cloud storage options for corporate procedures.. Despite this wide usage, however, most companies still keep physical backups.

Sharing between the two sources allows for enterprise-level data usage, but it also mitigates the risks of breaches or theft by keeping the least amount of mandatory information active at all times. Such mixed environments can have a significant benefit for companies trying to keep their resources safe without risking data in the wrong environment. Balancing the two kinds of media is an increasingly popular and worthwhile endeavor for many corporations.

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