Cloud storage to encounter more regulatory requirements

By Sonian
In Channel
October 1, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There are an increasing number of organizations using cloud storage, but there are a variety of concerns associated with this technology. The presence of online utilities in the business world has made digital data a hot commodity for corporate entities and potential hackers as well. Due to the danger a breach can create, though, some states are taking action to protect their residents from cloud control failures.

As Lexology reported, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation requiring all firms operating in the state must report online data breaches that include user names, passwords or email addresses. The source stated that previous state laws only pertained to names, addresses, Social Security numbers and other kinds of personal information. This enhancement of protection guidelines makes cloud monitoring much more important than ever.

Other states are also getting involved in the trend, as SC Magazine reported. The source indicated that North Dakota just put a similar law into effect, calling on any companies operating within either state to report cloud control failures of digital insights. These increased requirements put businesses in a more difficult position but also encourage superior management of these assets.

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