Security questions linger over certain cloud storage facilities

By Sonian
In Channel
September 27, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud storage and other digital infrastructure resources. At the same time, the amount of cybercrime is on the rise. Companies must be sure they’re putting in the right security measures protect themselves, their partners and the general public from loss and theft.

According to Forbes, a McAfee cybercrime report recently showed that small businesses are especially vulnerable to online crime. The research found that lack of proper cloud monitoring, control and security annually costs American firms over $140 billion and half a million jobs. When cloud storage failures occur, some companies are only shut down for a few hours or days, while others are never able to recover at all from these threats.

The New York Times was one prominent entity recently on the receiving end of such a detrimental incident. Times Magazine reported that the news publication lost its Australian servers for over six hours due to a data breach. Personal account information was stolen by a group of hackers who used the information to take the Times’ website down for an extended period of time. Companies with similar cloud storage reliance need to take stock of this event and protect themselves from experiencing the same circumstances.

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