Threat environment continues to expand

By Sonian
In Channel
September 26, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There are an ever-growing number of threats for which businesses must be prepared. In many instances, the dangers present online today may not be the most advanced tomorrow. Companies have to learn how to deal with an advanced persistent risk environment wherein corporate security must evolve and grow to keep up with the nature of cloud storage and application threats.

According to CIOL Online, such an approach will become increasingly common and essential to business health if firms want to be able to withstand the force of attacking malware and hackers. The methods that harmful entities use on the web is still changing, with more phishing attacks and exploit kits of various kinds popping up all the time.

The source pointed out that some software only delivers dangerous materials to computers and servers once it identifies a viable hole in corporate operations. This means a guaranteed success for breaching the outer shells of business security, meaning that organizations must constantly be checking their firewalls and encryption options so that they have the greatest level of confidence in their cloud storage resources.

As a recent FireEye report stated, there is at least one serious malicious incursion on corporate files every three minutes. With such a determined hacking population, it’s essential that organizations get into the mindset of scanning files, monitoring transfers and creating a culture of safety and security in the workplace.

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