‘Internet of Things’ offers tremendous opportunity to VARs

By VAR_Staffing
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September 26, 2013

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One of the best parts of “The Jetsons” was the idea that in the future, everything would be integrated and programmable. Imagine waking up and finding that machines have already made breakfast, cleaned and laid out clothes, set the shower to the right temperature and played your favorite wake-up music through speakers by the bed. While it seems like a pipe dream from the mind of a science fiction writer, we could actually be on the verge of this becoming reality.

This is what is known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and it refers to the global connective continuum of devices and objects. According to a recent article from The VAR Guy, this holds untold possibilities for businesses and their customers. However, the devices are only part of the equation, as a well-designed integration platform is critical for success.

The article uses an example of health care workers in developing countries that tend to patients in a mountain village 100 miles away. The entire system—tablets, GPS technology, electronic health records, “wearable” monitoring devices and interconnected networks that alert ambulances and hospitals when needed—represents a prime example of how the IoT can benefit a business.

“IoT requires the predictable action and interaction of a potentially endless number of components,” the article reads. “It’s in that convergence that the true value of IoT emerges. Businesses that take a comprehensive view and choose to engage not only with IoT but also with integrated IoT platforms have the potential to unlock the true value opportunities this space presents.”

The article mentions that VARs and MSPs have a tremendous opportunity in this realm if they understand it early enough. VAR Staffing identifies and recruits the impactful talent that keeps solution providers on the leading edge in their industry.

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