The importance of workflow process

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
September 25, 2013

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

WorkflowOver the last few months we’ve been blogging about customer service and making your company memorable. To offer world-class customer service, you need to have a rock solid process.

In the technology business, we are well aware of the troubleshooting processes, there is typically a place where the technician will start to resolve a client’s issue. If the level one tech can’t resolve it, it gets escalated to the level 2 and up to level 3 and so on until the issue gets resolved and the customer is satisfied with the resolution. In many cases Managed Service Providers (MSPs) think that this workflow, it’s not, it’s the escalation procedure. We define workflow as the process of how work flows through the organization. In the MSP world it is from the time a client calls, email or enters a help request until it is resolved. In healthcare it is the process from intake to discharge.

All of our partners work in a PSA (professional services automation) tool like ConnectWise, CommitCRM, Tigerpaw, Shockey Monkey or Autotask. All these PSA tools that I have mentioned have ways to define your workflow process, but if you aren’t working in the PSA you are not being as productive as you can be.

Defining your workflow process in your PSA tool takes time, planning and execution. Once you have it defined and you are working tickets rather than time, trust me when I say that you will see more productivity out of your team. We have been working with our partners over the last few months to work the process within the ticket, once we help them define that process, we are seeing an increase of productivity of more than 25%. Take your typical 40-hour workweek and seeing a 10-hour increase in billable time or resolved tickets. It will sure make your clients happy and now your team can work on projects, clean up old tickets or whatever needs to be done around the office.

Over the last few week and months I have been discussing with some of our partners a better way to get more work accomplished. To make a long story short and not to give away the secret sauce, he implemented some of our suggested improvements. Recently I received an email from a long time partner, “Thanks for teaching me the difference between working in a ticket and on a ticket.” They are already seeing an increase in productivity. When you increase productivity, increases in profitability follow right behind.

As business consultants, we are experts in process development and Six Sigma certified. It is because of our experience in process development, the fresh ideas that we bring and consulting with our clients that they are able to do more with less.

If you would you like to increase your self and staff productivity, give us a call at (480) 389-5481. I am sure that we can find something to help you improve within your business, no matter what size firm.

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