A look at the in-demand IT skills of 2014

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September 25, 2013

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In the business world, it is never too early to have an eye on the future. This is especially true when it comes to the IT channel, as any new technology has the potential to change the industry and become the next “must-have” service that optimizes operations. Companies that fail to recognize the latest trends and adopt them accordingly are putting themselves behind the eight ball.

A recent article from ComputerWorld examined what it believes to be the top IT skills that companies will be looking for in 2014. This is important because the overall job prospects for IT professionals will grow as 32 percent of companies are expected to increase headcount in their IT departments in 2014. This shows constant growth as 32 percent of companies were predicted to do the same thing in 2013.

The top skills, according to the 2014 Forecast Report, are:

  • Programming/application development
  • Help desk/technical support
  • Networking
  • Mobile application/device management
  • Project management
  • Database administration
  • Security compliance/governance
  • Business intelligence/analytics

“Unemployment is probably close to zero for people with high-demand skill sets,” Michael Kirven, founder and CEO of technology resource provider Mondo, said. “Employers in search of top skills need to be prepared to move fast. If you want them, you can be 100 percent sure there are at least two other firms that want them, as well.”

At VAR Staffing, we help solution providers find the impactful talent, even when the demand across the IT channel is raging and finding the right professionals seems impossible.

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