Sales follow up, getting it right the first time

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
September 22, 2013

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

followupOne of the keys to successful sales is follow up. And, follow up should always be done in a timely and methodical manner. For instance, when you meet someone at a networking event, I recommended you follow up with them within 1 – 3 days. The follow up can be done by email, telephone or, my personal favorite, a “Nice to meet you” greeting card.

Recently, I received a follow up email from a sales person that I met over a month ago. The email read, “Hi Stuart, Hope you are doing well. We met back at VMWorld and I had specific notes taken.” I immediately replied that I wasn’t at VMWorld. The sales person then responded that it must have been at another industry event. Again, they were mistaken. When you are following up, it is crucially important that you recall where you actually met the person and to do your follow up very soon thereafter.

Back in my MSP days, one of the things I liked to do when networking was to take a picture with new business contacts with my smartphone. Once I had the picture, I would upload it to a service called Send Out Cards and send the person a greeting card with the picture of us together. The card was a great way to get a response from them. I would get a call thanking me for the card more often than you would think. The best part was they would always remember where we met because I made sure I put that in the note along with the picture.

In closing, I highly recommend that you be detail specific in your follow up. By doing this, you will have a higher level of success in building your network and in getting more sales.

By the way, I met this sales person at a restaurant here in Phoenix. Loree and I were invited for dinner and drinks by a sales engineer I have known for a long time who brought along his co-worker; the sales person.

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