Study: Harvard computer science enrollment experiences major increase in last decade

By VAR_Staffing
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September 19, 2013

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While the IT skills gap has been touted as a major problem in the IT channel, there may finally be some light at the end of the tunnel. One strategy many experts have pointed to as the best way to rectify this issue is increasing education initiatives. This means both installing the knowledge of the latest innovations and inspiring the younger generation to follow a career path in the tech field.

According to an article from the campus newspaper at Harvard University, enrollment in the university’s Introduction to Computer Science course has risen 590 percent in the last decade.

“‘Introduction to Computer Science,’ better known as CS50, is widely regarded as the most difficult course at Harvard College. That may explain why, just a decade ago, only 112 students took it,” an Atlantic article about the situation read. “Now, in addition to its popularity on campus, CS50 is taken by thousands of other people for free online through Harvard’s partnership with the education non-profit EdX.”

A majority of the growth happened in the last five years when enrollment rose from around 350 students to 772 students. By comparison, the five years previous to that saw an increase of 250 students. The Harvard Crimson article projects this increase will continue in the years to come.

While it is promising to see more students start to embrace computer science, the major is still behind more popular options like economics and government. Solution Providers in the IT Channel still need to find the high- quality impactful talent that is on the market today. VAR Staffing has the experience to help any organization bring in the high-quality talent it needs.

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