More cloud monitoring may manage threat issues

By Sonian
In Channel
September 19, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

One of the most common practices following a data breach is initiating ongoing surveillance of potentially impacted customers’ credit and other identity factors. Cloud monitoring could also help businesses affected by these kinds of attacks increase their awareness and prevention tactics going forward.

As Sys-Con stated, it’s important for companies to regularly review their systems, checking for efficiency, latency and total cloud storage usability. In many cases, firms may only be looking for business intelligence readouts or focusing on elements of corporate input that are not directly related to security. However, this is the perfect opportunity for entities to ensure that their solutions are also free of irregularities and properly protected against outside threats. What’s more, cloud monitoring configuration checks can help maintain a constant state of awareness regarding the entirety of corporate knowledge. This promotes more transparency for security as well as business insights of other kinds.

Such measures are becoming increasingly essential for a number of firms that aren’t taking enough precautions to protect their systems. As a recent Experian review showed, only about 40 percent of all companies that have been breached are taking steps to stop the same events from recurring in the future. Promoting more cloud monitoring could help improve oversight and enhance planning.

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