Cloud storage continues expanding at dramatic rate

By Sonian
In Channel
September 19, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There are plenty of organizations that make use of cloud storage on a regular, daily basis, and as this reliance continues, so too does the increase in size of these reservoirs. A singular digital resource is often insufficient for handling the plethora of platforms, applications and various files a company needs to maintain. Overcoming these issues is causing many organizations to take on more cumbersome cloud infrastructure.

According to Cloud Tweaks, having synced corporate and consumer storage options can be a significant benefit for businesses of all kinds. In many cases, having access to an array of files and other resources – remotely or with other personnel in different offices – is mandatory for timely completion of essential tasks. Keeping all of these records active in cloud storage means in some instances that these facilities are siloed by the kinds of procedures they handle, such as spreadsheet curation or email management.

Cloud storage momentum is forecast to keep growing rapidly over the next three years, Computerweekly reported. The source indicated that a study by Market Monitor and 451 Research found the total share of cloud investments from private firms will increase by more than one-third, reaching almost $20 billion by 2016.

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