Understanding traditional IT critical for cloud success

By VAR_Staffing
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September 18, 2013

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If you were looking for a job in a new field, it would be important to understand all the current trends in that industry and how it has evolved over the years. If that market happens to be the evolution of a traditional system, however, it is also important to know where that industry came from and how to handle those older roles.

According to a recent Infoworld article, that is how anyone in the IT channel needs to be thinking if they are looking to become a cloud professional. While it certainly is a challenge to know all the current knowledge of the cloud, it is critical that quality talent know how it fits together with legacy systems and IT fundamentals.

“Most enterprises that have cloud-related positions to fill look for more than cloud skills—at least, the smarter ones look for more,” the article reads. “People who build new business systems and databases on cloud-based platforms still need to understand databases as well as business systems design and architecture, including best practices and approaches.”

The piece goes on to say that it doesn’t matter how impressive your cloud computing skills are, without an understanding of traditional IT concepts, your resume will problem end up in the “No” pile. Knowing the cloud is good, but knowing integration between the old and the new is absolutely critical.

Finding this kind of impactful talent is not easy, which causes many organization to rely on VARs and MSPs to handle cloud solutions. VAR Staffing can help any solution provider find the quality talent it needs offer dynamic solutions.

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