Big data impacts on cloud storage more noticeable

By Sonian
In Channel
September 17, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

As companies come to make increasingly heavy reliance on cloud storage and digital infrastructure, platforms and other applications, the presence of big data is becoming much more remarkable. That’s because pouring all of those files into a constrained corporate environment makes these digital storage sheds swell, and while online resources can grow and change to meet corporate demands, it can be difficult for firms to keep all these options in order, 

As Sys-Con stated, big data is showing up at every level of organizational operations. Scaling corporate assets helps businesses keep track of how much they currently own and what they need to manage, as simply looking at one large cache of files makes it difficult to gauge the contents therein. There’s a wealth of latent insights in big data, but only if entities put these assets to work correctly.

That’s why as companies continue to explore and experiment with their cloud storage deployments, the market for these assets is set to expand over the next five years. A report from MarketsandMarkets stated that the compound annual growth rate among public and private sector cloud storage and management acquisitions is set to expand by more than 40 percent. This kind of growth will be split among a variety of application environments, including cloud storage gateways, backup and recovery tools.

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