Big businesses using cloud storage need IT teams on board

By Sonian
In Channel
September 16, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

It looks like small companies are not the only ones turning to cloud storage software to protect important data. A recent Unisphere survey shows that more than a quarter of polled businesses with at least 5,000 employees are turning to PaaS as a useful tool for development. This trend is unlikely to slow any time soon, as prominent cloud security companies are pushing their corporate-friendly products that cut costs and offer essential services such as file and email archiving

The problem for larger companies utilizing cloud storage is how they integrate this new software with existing IT teams, who often face conflicts that lead to executives making cloud decisions without consulting them. Network World recently noted that IT departments are supposed to manage complicated internal operations systems, but the fact is that many of these units are under-staffed and under-paid. They are unable to effectively research cloud options, which prevents many companies from taking advantage of  cloud services that could otherwise improve the organization of their data. 

Considering the growing number of companies relying on cloud, executives and IT teams would do well to discuss the benefits of switching to cloud intelligence. Plenty of cloud archiving companies offer support to facilitate the adoption of their products, so businesses can continue to work safely and seamlessly. 

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