Poor mobile sites causing companies to miss impactful talent

By VAR_Staffing
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September 13, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Imagine going out and trying to catch a fish with nothing but a stick and a string. Now imagine someone else is just downstream, also trying to catch a fish, but they are using a start-of-the-art fishing rod, bait, sonar and every other innovative tool that could be purchased at the local Bass Pro Shop. Who do you think is going to catch the most high-quality fish?

A similar thing is happening in the business world when it comes to recruiting. According to a recent article from the Boston Globe, while mobile technology has become a major player in several industries and consumers’ lives, it is not used nearly enough when it comes to staffing techniques by companies. Prospects are already using smartphones and tablets as a way to find and apply to jobs, but businesses are falling behind.

A CareerBuilder survey of Fortune 500 companies found that only 20 percent of them have a mobile-friendly career site. This frustrates applicants as they are forced to wade through poorly designed sites, which leaves a poor taste in their mouths.

“If [employers are] not in tune with the marketplace, they won’t be able to attract the A players,” said Mark Carlson, senior vice president of the Suburban Group.

For any company that is trying to recruit in the IT channel, having a poorly designed website or mobile application can be the start and end of a potential employee’s journey. This is where an experienced service like VAR Staffing can help any IT solution provider find the impactful talent that will set it apart from their competition.

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